Car Washing

A clean and well-kept car is not only the image and style of its owner but also a guarantee of preserving the paintwork for a long time and generally speaking, the look as well.

Fast Shine offers a wide range of car washing services. Our experts eliminate not only dust and dirt from a transport but also fatty film from oil products, bitumen and road reagents, that negatively affect the condition of the body.

Fast Shine appreciates our clients’ time

Car-Washing Professionals arrive at the specified address and wash the car right on the parking space.

The area remains clean with no traces left on the ground or asphalt. It takes anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes to give the car a beautiful and clean look.

The Duration of the car-wash depends on:

  • Pollution Degree;
  • The size of the car.

Washing cars does not involve the use of water

This method is different from the traditional one. The main features lie not only in the elimination of dirt but also in polishing of the vehicle’s paintwork. Such results are obtained due to a special liquid, that is applied to the surface of the vehicle, dissolving dirt and enveloping its particles.

Additionally, the liquid containing dirt gets removed from the surface by using microfiber cloths.

Polymers contain components that interact with small scratches and eliminate them

On its surface, a special film is formed that contains protective properties - repels dust and moisture for a long time.

Since 2011, when Fast Shine began its operations, thousands of cars were washed, with no damage being dealt to the vehicle's paint and thousands of car owners’ hours were saved.

Try it on your car!