Washing technology

The process of washing a car is not as simple as you may think. It is important to not only get rid of dirt and dust but also to not damage the vehicle’s paintwork. Fast Shine technology allows customers to achieve the desired result by only utilizing 0.5 liters of water per car.

Fast Shine technology differs significantly from the traditional car wash:

A special liquid is applied to the surface of the car with a spray bottle.

Surfactants and silicone additives, which are included in the liquid, envelop every particle of dirt and enclose it in a capsule. Due to this, the probability of scratching the lacquer surface of the vehicle is greatly diminished.

Dirt is being removed with a soft microfiber cloth which easily absorbs sand, dust and more.

This technology perfectly copes not only with dirt, but also oily spots and other resinous substances.

At the same time, a protective coating layer is formed on the surface of the car. It gives it a shine and an anti-rain effect.