Washing of boats

Cars aren’t the only means of transportation that require consistent cleaning. Fast Shine provides high-quality service for yachts and boats as well.

The service was launched in 2015 and gained popularity due to the lack of need for water supply at the pier (the water from the lake, river, etc. cannot be used), and all of the liquids are ecologically friendly. A full complex boat wash has all of the benefits of a Fast Shine car-wash service in addition to an unmatched price.

Main features:

  • Only specialized and effective detergents are used;
  • No marks and stains remain on the body;
  • Persistent pollution is eliminated easily;
  • Great team of specialists;
  • Guaranteed high quality.

Full range of washing services and cosmetic boat maintenance is provided:

  • Cleaning of the external surfaces (decks, boards and other);
  • Cleaning of all of the interior spaces (cabins, galleys, holds, etc.). Washing of - Glass, floor, walls, ceiling and other surfaces;
  • Dry cleaning for boats;
  • Polishing of wooden surfaces.