Washing aircraft

You may think that planes do not require as much care as cars, but there are several key points you might want to take into consideration. First, the lack of dirt outside reduces fuel consumption. Second, well-maintained aircraft increases the passenger comfort level. Last but not least, Fast Shine liquids can prevent the aircraft’s body from aging and decaying.

Our company has been providing this service since 2015

Today, a significant number of aircraft are being serviced due to the company’s effectiveness and popularity. Water supply at the airport is not required, no puddles or dirt remain, and the planes look great.

Washing of aircraft is not a simple task, but our Washing Professionals have everything they need: Required knowledge, skills and equipment. The aircraft gets serviced, both outside and inside. Various impurities are removed from the plane: dust, kerosene, technical grease, etc. Only environmentally friendly proven products and professional equipment are used. Water does not reach into important nodes – Fast Shine is a waterless wash.

A full range of services for washing of aircraft are provided:

Washing of external surfaces

Cleaning of all of the internal spaces

Washing of the illuminators